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Why you Should be Investing in Gold Today

Gold is, and has always been, one of the most valuable natural materials on the planet. Its brilliant appearance makes it highly desirable for jewelry and many other beautiful items.

Golds relative scarcity and limited supply mean that the market can never be flooded with it. Gold has been used for thousands of years as a currency, and it has an incredible history of consistent value. Even with all that heritage and history, you may not have made the decision to start investing in gold yet.

Find out what you are missing and what advantages you can enjoy once you start investing in gold.

Assets That Are Not Tied to a Particular Currency

In today’s global economy, many forms of currency are tied to one another. However, there is still remains the risk that a certain form of currency, such as the Euro or the U.S. Dollar, could see a major dive in value for any number of reasons.

If all your investments are tied to your domestic currency, a sudden devaluation could cause the value of your portfolio to collapse. Gold, in contrast, is not exclusively tied to any one kind of currency. Years or even decades from now, you could sell it for any type of currency you desire. This makes it a great investment for long-term planning as well as those concerned with the economy or any political upheavals in the future.

Steady Returns on Investment

The value of gold, like any precious metal, can and does fluctuate depending on the time of year, the mining industry, and the economy. However, it has a history of value and has seen an impressive rise over the last few decades.

Over the last decade in particular, gold has been able to generate impressive returns that surpass even the average stock market investments.

Investors can expect to see a steady return on their gold investments that are able to compete with and even stay ahead of inflation, ensuring profits and lower risk than with many other investment options.

Demand for Gold is Rising

Gold has always been scarce, which is a big reason that we as humans’ value it so highly. When the demand for gold rises, its value rises as well, which spells out profit for anyone savvy enough to have invested in it.

Gold has been mined for centuries, and some mining operations predict that the amount of gold left in the ground is limited. That, coupled with rising demand from growing and developing countries like India and China, means that there will be more people who want to buy gold but less gold available for purchase. Once again, that is good news for gold investors.

Gold Price Performance: % Annual Change 2005 - 2020, Source:

Long-Term Security for You and Loved Ones

Gold can offer immediate benefits, but it can also be a safer option for anyone planning for their estate or those concerned about the long-term financial security of their loved ones.

Since gold has such an impressive and stable history of value, you can will have peace of mind if you have set some aside for a spouse, a child or a dependent for the future. Gold can also be incorporated into trusts plus wills and thus be included easily into an inheritance.

Whether you are focused on providing for loved ones in the future or mitigating risk for your own portfolio, gold can be a solid investment choice worth considering.

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Luigi Wewege is the Senior Vice President, Head of Private Banking of Caye International Bank, Belize, Central America.
Luigi Wewege

Luigi Wewege is the President of Caye International Bank headquartered in Belize, Central America. Outside of the bank he serves as an Instructor at the FinTech School in California which provides online training courses on the latest technological and innovation developments within the financial services industry. Luigi is also the published author of: The Digital Banking Revolution which is available in audio, kindle and paperback formats throughout all major international online bookstores – now in its third edition.

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Subscribe for the latest news and opinons about Gold, Silver, offshore vaulting and other industry information and opinion delivered right to your email inbox