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Why store your precious metals and valuable assets in Panama?


Panama, is the isthmus that links the continents of North and South America and because of its strategic location is the shipping and logistics hub of the world and the flight hub of Latin America. 

It is also the most stable economy in Central and South America, with a consistent growth rate over the last number of years. Panama is renowned for its political stability, world class infrastructure, rule of law and it is often referred to as the Switzerland of Latin America. 

Geographically, Panama is close to the United States and Canada, only seven hours from LA, two and a half hours from Miami and four hours from New York but, more importantly, when protecting your physical assets it is outside of US and EU jurisdictions providing you with geographical diversification but close enough that you can get there quickly.

Panama is an excellent International diversification destination for your assets and risk aversion, and as per the treaties established with the United States during the handover of the canal, it has no military which completely negates the risk of a military coup.

Why Panama City for Gold & Silver


Diversification is rule number one in investing and it essentially means that your capital should be carefully and intelligently placed in various types of investments to protect yourself from unpredictable events that can be anything from a localized financial crisis, like a bank collapse to something as global as another world war.

Some of these we have already witnessed in our life times, world war two, the Cyprus banking Bail in and most recently the Covid-19 pandemic.

Think about what you would do in a worst case scenario, like that of another world war and who you can foresee as being the players involved.  In the event of this type of scenario unfolding, would it even be possible for you to fly to Singapore, Hong Kong or any location in the Far or Middle East and be able to walk away with your cash or precious metals?

Panama is right on the doorstep of the US and even if you are unable to fly here for some reason, getting here by land or sea is always a possibility.


There are a number of inherent problems when holding your assets within a bank vault or bank safety deposit box. You are beholden to the bank’s own rules and regulations as well as the potentially draconian laws of the banking supervisory bodies. These regulations can be from something as trivial as subjective charges and fees to something as major as a banking bail-in.

Your safety deposit boxes within banks are no longer safe or private. A recent example of this is an international bank, HSBC  initiating an ‘inspection’ of all private safety deposit boxes in Hong Kong and then, only after the fact, notifying the clients of this inspection while at the same time updating their terms and conditions giving the bank the contractual right to open your private safety deposit box for inspection and to deal with the contents at their sole and absolute discretion

Protect your wealth, silver and gold with Fort Kobbe Vaults in Panama


Our facility meets the highest standards of secure storage. Our multi layered security measures are designed to safeguard our clients’ assets by way of UL3 and UL2 rated vaults, UL3 rated security doors, a biometrically engaged flow system, redundant power systems and use of steel and concrete throughout the entire facility.

Our facility has 24/7 has both onsite  and offsite camera and alarm monitoring systems by at three geographically separated security companies, and we are located 3 minutes from the Panama Pacifico police station.


When it comes to safeguarding your most precious assets, location matters

We chose Panama because it exceeds all the requirements you could desire in international storage and asset protection services.

Here are just a few features that make Panama an ideal solution for keeping assets outside your country’s borders…

  • Stable banking system and Democratic Government
  • Central Location and known as the Hub of America for Hundreds of Years
  • Friendly Tax Structure within the Country
  • Facility is Located in a Protected Duty Free Zone
  • Only 2.5 Hours from Miami, 4.5 Hours from Houston and Newark, and 6.5 hours from LAX
  • Rigorous Privacy Laws
  • First World Infrastructure
  • Safe and Secure
  • High End Hotels to Choose From
  • Beautiful City Nightlife, Restaurants, Beaches and Mountains

“With over 45 years of international experience Goldonomic.com KNOWS that worldwide there exists only a handful of facilities of this class. Fort Kobbe is one of the safest vaults to store valuables outside of the banking system & political reach and have these assets insured. Better than Switzerland, Singapore or Austria. We simply LOVE this Facility.”

~ Goldonomic.com

“I have used private vaulting services in Panama for several years for my personal storage needs. I put my greatest trust and confidence in the security at Fort Kobbe Depository. The honesty, integrity and experience of staff and management at the vault is exceptional.”

~ Sam Rotunda

Avenue Balboa, Cinta Costera, Panama City, Republic of Panama


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“We provide a stable and expanding platform of physical and electronic security, technology, human structures and an ideal location that creates trust and resourceful solutions for our exacting wealth management clients.”

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