Safe Deposit Boxes in Banks are no longer safe

The Orwellian Reality of Safe Deposit Boxes

Gone are the days when you could securely place your valuables, precious metals like gold and silver, and personal documents like wills and birth certificate in a bank safe deposit box. Actually, those days never really existed, as you’ll come to find out. The Road to Serfdom: The Move to

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Gold Manipulation

Gold Manipulation: Fact, Fiction, or Something Else

The debate continues to rage on as to whether there are forces big enough to actually manipulate the Gold market. On the one hand, you have the mainstream folks confidently declaring that the gold market is far too large and liquid to be manipulated. Still, others have spent countless hours

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Gold Manipulation - The Walls of Deception are coming down

Gold Manipulation: The Walls of Deception are Falling

As the real truth behind the long-term manipulation in the gold market reveals itself, investors are rediscovering the opportunities in the purchase of physical gold assets. Soon after former Deutsche Banker David Liew plead guilty to spoofing and direct manipulation in the gold market, cracks proliferated throughout the carefully manufactured

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The Next Gold Rush

Waiting on the Next Gold Rush? Why, it’s Already Here

Throughout the last century the U.S. dollar undoubtedly reigned supreme as the world’s reserve currency. This greatly reduced the cost of doing business for the United States and lead to an effective bonus of $100 billion a year thanks to lower borrowing costs, not to mention the ability to just

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