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Bank of Cyprus Bail In

Are Banks Safe?

A “bail-in” is another form where banks and financial institutions are rescued and where the responsibility is transferred from taxpayers (in the case of a bail-out which is what happened in the 2009 Global Financial Crisis) to depositors, which is you in this case, the depositor.

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Invest in Gold -Luigi Wewege

Understanding Why Now is the Right Time to Invest in Gold

Holding precious metals, especially gold and silver, in an investment portfolio within an independent insured vault is one of the best strategies to ensure your assets are diversified from both portfolio and geographical risk.  It’s no secret that gold has enjoyed a steady uptick in value since November 2018 and

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Wealth Taxes

Is a Wealth Tax a Possibility?

Because of the fast changing events worldwide and the serious effects thereof, first thing every morning over a cup of coffee, we have a watercooler discussion. The topics are varied and extremely diverse but we normally catch up on the news of the previous day and night and the zeitgeist

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Investing in Gold - Indian Gold Coins

Why you Should be Investing in Gold Today

Gold is, and has always been, one of the most valuable natural materials on the planet. Its brilliant appearance makes it highly desirable for jewelry and many other beautiful items. Golds relative scarcity and limited supply mean that the market can never be flooded with it. Gold has been used

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India Gold Purchasing

Four Surprising Benefits of Investing in Gold

There are plenty of great reasons to invest in gold, and many people are already familiar with them. It is no secret that gold has had an incredible history of value, and one of its biggest benefits is that it is not tied to any one currency, which means that

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Get your assets out of Hong Kong now

Get your Assets out of Hong Kong Now!

For those of you who know me or who have listened to me speak at conferences, you will know that I have been saying for years: “If you hold assets like Gold or Silver in a Vault or Safe Deposit Box or have bank accounts in Hong Kong, you need

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