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In Tough Times

Fort Kobbe International Vaults is the only Private Safe Deposit Box and Vaulting facility that is open and fully functional in Panama during these extreme and unprecedented times. 

Imagine that you need to get into your box or want to add to your holdings and the facility you have selected is shut because of restrictions or bank regulations. This is something that we will not accept happening to our clients. We are a vital logistics provider in the same way that banks are open to keep the economy going, we are here for you and your alternate asset needs. 

Because we are not a financial institution and therefore not regulated as such, and assuming an event such as an extended bank holiday, it is our intention to remain open and operational so that you will have access to your gold, silver, cash and other assets that you had prudently stored with us just for such an occasion.

Even when you are physically unable to travel to our facility, as people are now experiencing during this Covid-19 pandemic, we still ensure that our clients are able to have their metals shipped to and from our vaulting facilities.

Having identified the potential risk of the then unknown virus causing a drastic reaction in China, in January,we immediately put in place a number of procedures, provisions and precautions that we already have covered in our Standard Operating Procedures, to protect your property and our staff, such as working from home for non essential staff, P100 masks for directors and staff in the facility, systems and procedures for interacting with shipping companies and normal systems and procedures for virus mitigation, such as distancing, hand sanitizing, frequent surface disinfection and more. 

Our service and commitment during this time, and as always, is just another reason why we are among one of the best facilities in the entire Latin America and Caribbean region. 

During this time, our planning and preparation for events such as this have ensured that it has been business as usual with seamless, uninterrupted shipping and sales and with regular receiving of precious metals in our facilities on behalf of clients. It has been slightly more challenging with the changes in the way cargo flights are working and with the ever changing availability of flight hubs which has added to the complexity and slightly to the time of the shipping process, but we have been able to ensure the  movement of precious metals for our clients.

We are still able to ship Gold and Silver

We are able to ship to you, if your assets are in our open, allocated and segregated storage and are also able to help you make arrangements if you have gold or silver stored in a safe deposit box with us.

Sales of precious metals have been crazy as people around the world dash for the exits and the safety that both gold and silver offer. Our suppliers have been incredible and have gone above and beyond in obtaining metals for our clients in the quantities they have desired and at our preferential prices that our suppliers pass through to our clients. 

Please reach out and contact us if you need help with the shipping of your precious metals either to or from our facilities or if you are looking to purchase precious metals.

As a result of not only the Covid-19 pandemic but the economic crisis facing the world, we here at Fort Kobbe realized back in February that vaulting facilities worldwide were about to face some very interesting insurance dilemmas. To read the article on what Fort Kobbe has done to ensure that your metals stored with us are fully insured please read our article by clicking here

Mike Brown

Mike Brown is a native of South Africa, where he followed his military service with undergraduate and higher diplomas in mining engineering from the University of Johannesburg.

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Subscribe for the latest news and opinons about Gold, Silver, offshore vaulting and other industry information and opinion delivered right to your email inbox