Gold Manipulation - The Walls of Deception are coming down

Gold Manipulation: The Walls of Deception are Falling

As the real truth behind the long-term manipulation in the gold market reveals itself, investors are rediscovering the opportunities in the purchase of physical gold assets. Soon after former Deutsche Banker David Liew plead guilty to spoofing and direct manipulation in the gold market, cracks proliferated throughout the carefully manufactured veneer of them protecting a corrupt banking industry.

How Does Manipulation in the Gold Market Work?

The gold market has served as a hedge for smart investors throughout history. However, since the conference at Bretton Woods during the Nixon era traders have attempted to influence the market in precious metals, particularly gold to artificially hold the price down. By selling contracts instead of physical gold coins or bullion, the traders are able to create the illusion of a trading frenzy that does not exist in reality.

Corrupt Regulators Protect the Fraud of Deep State Masters

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) consistently fails to reveal the intentional deception of investors or prosecute the perpetrators. Instead, these criminals have long been protected (and handsomely rewarded) by a Deep State network of government officials, immoral regulators, and powerful financial institutions.

An International Conspiracy Fueled by Greed

International trading houses are able to push the price of gold down, or up, by rigging prices, using abundant quantities of futures contracts, falsifying documents, and applying high frequency trades of paper assets. This systematic fraud creates a misleading picture and tricks innocent investors into accepting artificially low prices when selling gold or buying, anticipating increasing prices continuing to run.

This massive fraud has proven immensely profitable and the powerful elite will fight to protect their profits. Fortunately, their excessive greed and ambition is driving them to make mistakes and the legitimate power of the market is forcing the truth to shine through.

The Walls of Deception are Falling

Big data and the advances in encryption technologies like Bitcoin are making it hard to hide the massive fraud of gold market manipulation. Right now, big media is in the hands of those who want to hide the truth. But the criminals do not control everything and brave people are stepping forward to tell the real story – often at great personal and financial risk.

Why Should You Worry?

You’ve worked hard and saved responsibly, but doing the right thing may not be enough when you are fighting against an intricate plan protected by the most powerful forces in the world. Not long ago, the US had more gold than any other country. Now Russia and China are buying gold like mad in an attempt to make the Yuan the new global currency. Where will you be if the US dollar fails or humanity loses confidence in the paper issued by government and corrupt banks? How will you feed your family if the grocery store won’t accept your cash or credit cards?

Protect Your Future with Physical Gold and Silver

Societies come and go, but gold and silver continues be valuable. The safest way to prepare for an uncertain future is to purchase physical gold and silver in the form of coins or bullion. A paper certificate showing that you own gold is just paper. Physical gold can be safely stored and used to trade for  food, shelter, and clothing even when all other investments become worthless. In the more likely scenario of shifting powers and global influence, gold and silver prices will increase dramatically. When those illegally holding the price of gold and silver down are stopped, then these assets will rise to their real level. Any investment you purchase now at lowered prices will be handsomely rewarded when the true price is revealed.


Now is the time to take action. Prepare for the worst and utilise this opportunity while prices are down so that  when gold assets bounce back to their true levels you can have the safety you desire. Any investment you make will be rewarded in multiples. Plus, you will be part of putting one of the longest-running criminal conspiracies to its much-deserved end.

Mike Brown

Mike Brown is a native of South Africa, where he followed his military service with undergraduate and higher diplomas in mining engineering from the University of Johannesburg.

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