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A Safe-Deposit Box is a storage box available for rent used to store ones valuable goods such as jewelry, precious metals, land deeds etc. It is safe usually because the boxes themselves are controlled by the key holder/renter and are usually held within a vault or strong room.

Vaulted Allocated and Segregated Storage may be considered if you have items that do not fit within our size or insurance range of our Safety Deposit Boxes or if you require your goods to have full insurance at all times. It is also a good option if you do not intend to be in Panama to open a storage account (or have a representative here), or if you wish to trade or transport the items within a short period.

Private Storage is unregulated which provides for a much greater level of discretion as reporting of client details does not occur. Besides providing basic AML documentation such as ID and Utility Bill, the client can assume as much anonymity as they wish. 

All items stored in the allocated and segregated UL3 Vault at Fort Kobbe are fully insured, unlike some vaults that only insure a certain percentage of the items held in their vaults. Fort Kobbe  maintains a minimum of a 10% extra insurance to cover any variations in the price of stored items. Safe Deposit Boxes carry a complimentary US $10,000 coverage included in the price of the box with additional coverage available up to US $100,000 per box.

You can store anything from gold, silver, jewelry, personal papers (such as original birth certificates, adoption papers, marriage licenses and residency papers), hard drives and flash drives with your backups and important data, family heirlooms and other small items that would be difficult or impossible to replace.

We don’t charge you to visit your assets held in the UL3 Vault or your Safe Deposit Box.

Yes, you can store any items that are legal and not the proceeds of crime.

While an appointment is preferable, it is not entirely necessary. You can access your Safe Deposit Box at any time during our normal business hours which are Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. Having an appointment will make the process faster and smoother and ensure that we are ready for your visit, clients with appointments would receive priority over those without.

You may not store anything related to the proceeds of crime, banned substances, liquids, explosives or anything else that would violate the terms and conditions of the storage agreement you will sign with Fort Kobbe.

Fort Kobbe is able to offer you a unique Lloyd ‘s backed confiscation insurance option. The cost approx. 0.45% p.a.  in addition to our complimentary US $10,000 Safe Deposit Box insurance.

Yes, subject to certain conditions which you can detail in the Safe Deposit Box contract.

Our normal business hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Yes, with prior notice of at least 24 hours we are able to open the facility at any time for you subject to a special opening fee.

Absolutely, with prior notice of at least 24 hours we are able to open the facility at any time for you subject to a special opening fee.

Our vaulting facility is located in the Panama Pacifico Free Trade Zone, just opposite the Panama Pacifico International Airport on the old Howard US Air Force Base.

We require contact information, two forms of identification and standard KYC and AML information

We are able to accept wire transfers, cash, silver or gold, crypto, Goldbacks, or other methods as required.

No, we will not hold or keep a copy of client keys under any conditions.

Unless you have already detailed specific access controls when signing the contracts with Fort Kobbe Vaults and given access to another ‘specified person’ on your account at the time of your death, then normal legal processes will prevail. Once the estate has been granted probate, the executor of the estate will be assigned access to the box. The person reporting your death should bring a certified copy of the death certificate to our office. Access will be allowed to the box for the purposes of probate valuation only. No items may be removed until such time as a relevant grant of probate has been shown.

All our Safe Deposit Boxes come with $10,000 complimentary insurance. You can also choose a $25,000, $40,000, $75,000 or $100,000 option. Outside these limits, further insurance can be arranged on a case by case basis. Please ask a Fort Kobbe Agent. Within Fort Kobbe, clients also have the opportunity to store their valuables such as Precious Metals in Allocated & Segregated offshore Bonded Storage. 

Bonded storage permits a client to store items either within their Safe Deposit Boxes or in another of Fort Kobbe’s vaults without having to pay excise duties or taxes on the storage, import or export of the goods. Also, we do not apply Value Added Tax on any Fort Kobbe rental or storage contracts.

Fort Kobbe Vaults uses a two key system, one master key held by us and two keys that are held by you. After verification that you have access to the box, you and a Fort Kobbe representative together open the box door as this requires both the master key and your client key to be present at the same time. 

As a Private logistics company, Fort Kobbe does not have any reporting duties to the Panamanian Authorities or elsewhere. Fort Kobbe must however report all bonded items monthly in an aggregate manner. This means that we must show to Panamanian Customs a list of all items stored in a bonded manner in our facility – we never need to disclose a clients´ identity.


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