Fort Kobbe Vaults is a purpose-designed and custom-built International vaulting and safe deposit box facility located in the Panama Pacifico FREE TRADE ZONE. We are a privately owned depository and one of a kind in Panama as well as in the Latin American region in terms of the range of services we offer, storage, privacy, and security options available to our clients.

We are the only vaulting storage building that offers “Customs Bonded” safety deposit boxes. This means clients can ship their goods directly to our facility in the Panama Pacifico Free Trade Zone without ever having to “Nationalize” the goods, thus avoiding the unnecessary scrutiny and lack of privacy involved with having your exact inventory placed on the Panama public record due to transparency on the Panama customs website.

At Fort Kobbe Vaults we pride ourselves on offering our clients a world-class concierge service that allows our clients a unique blend of security and flexibility.

Fort Kobbe Panama


Fort Kobbe Biometric Security


Our facility meets the highest standards of secure storage. The storage building has multi-layered security measures designed to safeguard our clients’ assets by way of UL3 and UL2-rated vaults, UL3-rated security doors, a biometrically engaged flow system, redundant power systems, and the use of steel and concrete throughout the entire facility.

The premise has 24/7 onsite and offsite camera and alarm monitoring systems by three geographically separated security companies, and we are located 3 minutes from the Panama Pacifico police station.


Private storage is unregulated, thereby affording clients a higher level of discretion than bank vaults offer.

The reporting of inventory or personal details does not occur, furthermore, other than providing basic anti-money laundering documentation, such as ID and a utility bill, clients can assume as much anonymity as they wish.

Fort Kobbe Vaults does, however, employ third-party professionals to monitor and audit both our security/operations and inventory control. Customs inspections on our bonded inventory are a third measure of governance, thus providing the level of oversight expected from Best-in-class private custody operations.

Our client’s assets are only ever held in an allocated and segregated manner where ownership and control remain singularly by the respective client and off the Fort Kobbe Vaults balance sheet.

Fort Kobbe Vaults Privacy
For Kobbe Safe Deposit Boxes


As Fort Kobbe Vaults is located within a legally designated Special Economic Area, we are licensed as a duty-free and tax-exempt facility. This allows our clients to benefit from some invaluable advantages of our “Customs bonded box rental” options or “Class III International Customs bonded storage”.

Since there are no duties reflected on rental invoices, complete anonymity when transporting cargo in the country is maintained.


Fort Kobbe Vault’s insurance policies are all underwritten by Lloyds of London. Verification certificates are available after the requirement. Our safe deposit boxes are offered with complimentary US$10,000 insurance coverage, with higher limits available. Should a client prefer vaulted storage, then full insurance coverage on all inventory is included.

Political risk insurance against confiscation is also available upon request.


Mervyn Taback - Commercial Law


Mervyn Taback the founder, previous Chairman, and Chambers Global’s leader in Commercial Law, has more than 40 years of experience. His ability to negotiate and structure complex, cross border, multi-tier Structured Finance transactions on an accessible basis renders his services highly sought after by the likes of BHP Billiton, AngloGold Ashanti and Tsogo Sun. Additionally, Mervyn is actively involved in Listings, Mergers and Acquisitions, Schemes of Arrangement and frequently provides Tax advice.


How Fort Kobbe Vaults is different
Fort Kobbe Vaults Security
  • World wide Transportation and logistical arrangements for your precious metals.
  • VIP Airport Service, with customs and immigration on site.
  • Transportation with or without personal protection.
  • Underwritten by Lloyds of London Insurance.
  • Located in Panama Pacifico Free Trade Zone.
  • Various International Vaulting and Safe Deposit Box options
  • Easy access by car, boat, aircraft (including private).
  • No Reporting Requirements.
  • Help with Foundations and Trusts.
  • Only full service facility in Central and South America including both Safety Deposit Boxes and Vaulting Services.
  • Geared towards Private and Institutional Investors.
  • Ability to accept payments in Cash, Cryptocurrency, Gold and Silver or other Precious Metals.
  • We pride ourselves on flexibility. If your needs vary from the norm, we’ll put our heads together to create solutions to any problem or requirements.
  • Store your vault inside our vaults for added peace of mind.
  • Have your own biometric access to and monitoring of your assests if required.
  • Key holding services offered by recommended Attorneys.
  • Logistics service for Private Jet arrivals and departures.
  • Private Security and Bodyguards.
  • Storage and Supply of Bug Out Bags, Armored Vehicles and anything else you may need for your personal and financial protection.
  • Luxurious, Comfortable, Private Waiting Rooms and Viewing Areas.

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“We provide a stable and expanding platform of physical and electronic security, technology, human structures and an ideal location that creates trust and resourceful solutions for our exacting wealth management clients.”

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