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Fort Kobbe Vaults is a Best-in Class private and secure storage facility located in the Panama Pacifico Special Economic Free Trade Zone, just outside Panama City, Panama. Fort Kobbe is a privately owned, custom built facility that is a one of a kind in Panama, in terms of the range of service, storage, privacy, security and insurance options available to our clients.

Fort Kobbe offers its clients a complete range of ultra secure storage options, from Class III vaulted storage to safe deposit boxes and secure industrial storage.

Clients are assured that their valuables are totally secure at all times through the use of ultra-modern technology, 24/7 off-site monitoring, contracted third-party oversight and insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London. All stored valuables are held with an off-balance sheet approach reflecting a bailor/bailee relationship and all precious metals are thereby held directly by clients on an allocated and segregated basis, maintaining the integrity of private storage at all times.


FORT KOBBE provides 100% Allocated, Segregated storage in Bank Level III vaults. 100% safe, fully insured and available when you need it, inside the Panama Pacifico Offshore International Free trade Zone. Custom solutions available.


FORT KOBBE provides safe  deposit boxes for your gold, silver, jewellery, cash, important documents, family heirlooms and irreplaceable possessions that you want protected. All boxes come with a complimentary $10,000 insurance.


Opening an account for with Fort Kobbe for Individuals, Businesses, Trusts or Foundations is easy and gives you access to our various storage locations, the purchasing and selling of Precious Metals as well as our Gold Loan Program.

Fort Kobbe Vaults
Larry Simon

A look at Gold and Silver Charts (03.23.2023)

The global banking picture looks worse and worse. I believe that one  way to save the depositors is to quasi nationalize the tier one big banks, with the government effectively doing this recently by backstopping (SVB) or forcing a sale (Credit Suisse) and wiping out the equity and debt holders, an option probably not afforded to the smaller tier two, three etc. banks as they are not systemically important enough. If these banks fold, it will be you and me that will sink with them. 

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Fort Kobbe Vaults Newsletter
Larry Simon

A look at Gold and Silver Charts (03.16.2023)

The banking debacle I think is just the beginning of a series of events channeling us into the New World Order Central Bank Digital System. How far and what contagion there will be is still to unfold. 

At this early stage we can only guess where this is going, but I believe that the banks felt that they were invincible and  with zero reserve requirements and the understanding that the FED had their back that they could take advantage of the best long term rates in the treasuries market ignoring short term liquidity requirements of their clients.

I have a feeling that there is much more behind the scenes than what we are being led to believe.

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When it comes to safeguarding your most precious assets, location matters.

We chose Panama because it exceeds all the requirements you could desire in international storage and asset protection services.

Here are just a few features that make Panama an ideal solution for keeping assets outside your country’s borders…

  • Stable banking system and Democratic Government
  • Central Location and known as the Hub of America for Hundreds of Years
  • Friendly Tax Structure within the Country
  • Facility is Located in a Protected Duty Free Zone
  • Only 2.5 Hours from Miami, 4.5 Hours from Houston and Newark, and 6.5 hours from LAX
  • Rigorous Privacy Laws
  • First World Infrastructure
  • Safe and Secure
  • High End Hotels to Choose From
  • Beautiful City Nightlife, Restaurants, Beaches and Mountains

“With over 45 years of international experience KNOWS that worldwide there exists only a handful of facilities of this class. Fort Kobbe is one of the safest vaults to store valuables outside of the banking system & political reach and have these assets insured. Better than Switzerland, Singapore or Austria. We simply LOVE this Facility.”


“I have used private vaulting services in Panama for several years for my personal storage needs. I put my greatest trust and confidence in the security at Fort Kobbe Depository. The honesty, integrity and experience of staff and management at the vault is exceptional.”

~ Sam Rotunda

Avenue Balboa, Cinta Costera, Panama City, Republic of Panama


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“We provide a stable and expanding platform of physical and electronic security, technology, human structures and an ideal location that creates trust and resourceful solutions for our exacting wealth management clients.”

Fort Kobbe Panama

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